Azulfidine 500mg:

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What is Azulfidine 500 mg?
The Azulfidine 500 mg that we sell at Geek Meds is a generic version of sulfasalazine, which is a medicine categorized as anti-inflammatory drug. One of its uses is to treat ulcerative colitis. It is an inflammatory bowel disorder that causes inflammation that last for longer period of time. This condition may lead to complications that can be life-threatening. Hence, the use of this medicine can help in treating ulcerative colitis to prevent it from causing debilitating symptoms. Generally, Azulfidine reduces inflammation in the large intestines.
What are the other uses of Azulfidine 500 mg?
Apart from its usefulness in treating ulcerative colitis, this enteric-coated medication is also prescribed for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. This is especially useful if you have taken other medications but your symptoms have not improved.
What are the different doses of this medicine?
The Azulfidine that you can buy online is only available at 500 mg and in tablet form.
How to properly take Azulfidine 500 mg?
The proper way to employ this drug will depend on the condition it is used for. For instance, if it is used to treat ulcerative colitis, the dose may vary widely. Your doctor will fine-tune it according to your response and tolerance.
During the first few days of treatment, you are required to take 3 to 4 grams of this medicine. If you are experiencing negative side effects during the treatment, your doctor may advise to start you at lower daily dose of about 1 to 2 grams each day.
The daily dose for children is different from the adult dose. Children’s body weight is taken to identify the right dose that they can take to reap the benefits of azulfidine 500 mg.
There are many factors that may affect the proper dose that you may need. Your body weight, medical conditions and other medications are considered before the right dose is identified.
What are the possible negative reactions related to Azulfidine?
Not all users of this drug may experience negative side effects. These are the most common serious effects associated with this drug:
Dark urine or pain during urination
Easy bruising
Sore throat and headache
Skin rash
Some negative effects not mentioned here may also crop up. Thus, it is important to call your doctor if you are experiencing negative reactions while taking this drug.
Where to buy Azulfidine 500 mg?
At Geek Meds, you can order generic Azulfidine online. Our company offers worldwide fast shipping to the US, UK and Australia. Geek Meds has a secure online payment when you purchase generic Azulfidine 500 mg and other generic drugs. We sell our products without prescription. All medicines we provide at Geek Meds are made from laboratories that are certified by GMP and WHO. Our customer support representatives are more than willing to help you out in your purchase. At, purchasing drugs has never been easier. You just need to place your order through our online pharmacy or over the phone and talk to our resident licensed pharmacists.

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